When you’re at work, can you point in the direction of your home? Or Visé verse? Right now, do you know which direction south is? If you ever get lost, do you think you will be able to find your way back without using a smartphone? Here are few ways through which you can develop an amazing sense of direction:


Firstly, take a few minutes to study a map. Investigate the city’s significant sights and features. For instance observing if there is a river, a lake, a harbor, or a beach nearby? What are the major districts of the city? Are there any major highways? Famous structures? What’s to the north and what’s to the south? Then the second step would be walking a lot. When I initially arrive at a place, I prefer to take a lot of walks. This is the greatest approach to get to know a city: stroll around and get a sense of where everything is and how it looks.

Then Orient yourself to a few landmarks. I like to wander around with a huge structure in view, such as a mountain, hill, or bridge. When I turn right, I’ll be able to say, “Oh, the museum of the city is over there.” This provides me with a point of reference, allowing me to know where I am at that point at all times. I have two or more landmarks at times. Make a mental map of the area. This is important. If you look at a map for a few minutes before walking around, you’re creating a mental map of the city. It’s a little hazy at first, but as you go, you’re contributing to the map. Compare how the streets line up in reality to how you expected they would after looking at the map. However, I would advise you to that do not to rely on it entirely. Get in the habit of gazing at the paper map in your hand, or the map on your phone, as you build your mental map, so you can fill in the blanks. But then put the map aside and go on a walk without it. After a short while, return to the map to continue filling in your mental map. It’s a method of learning the map by glancing at it sometimes but not relying on it. You will never use your mental map if you merely follow the map all the time.

Many people make the mistake of simply following their spouse or a guide or relying on taxis to get them around. You’ll never get a sense of where you’re going this way. Rather, figure out how to go around on your own. You’ll make mistakes, but you will eventually learn. Get lost, then consult a map to figure out how to get to your destination. Work on your mental map and put it to the test regularly. Every neighbourhood has a main street with shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Get a sense of where they are and mark them on your mental map. You should be able to point these major streets in the right direction and estimate how many blocks it will take you to get there. The same may be said for big parks and marketplaces, as well as water elements like rivers. As well as metro stations.

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