Do you want to achieve your wildest dreams? Who wouldn’t want that? After all, we only have one life in this world. But the point is that not everyone believes they can achieve it and those who do believe are stuck waiting for things to happen for them.


How to Get Unstuck?


To get unstuck and to move in the direction of your goals, you need to go on the journey of self-improvement.

“Every goal requires that you become a particular kind of person”

That’s a very powerful sentence. Let us repeat it.

“Every goal requires that you become a particular kind of person”.To achieve a specific goal, you need to have a particular kind of behaviour, attitude, mindset, belief, routine, thoughts, and actions.

Without having these it becomes very difficult to achieve that goal.

But you might say that I still feel stuck 🙁  I don’t know how to progress forward or how to get started?


Don’t worry, as in this article we will provide you with an easy and powerful three-step framework by Boulwatife David (High-Performance Coach) that will speed up your self-improvement journey by at least 5X and will put you on the track of achieving your goals.


Self Improvement Framework


Step #1 Awareness

No amount of growth is possible in life if there is no awareness. To grow something, you first need to measure it. Peter Drucker explains this beautifully in the following quote:

“What you have not measured you cannot manage” .Boulwatife takes it one step even further.


“What you have not managed, you cannot grow”


Two types of awareness are needed according to this framework.

  • Awareness of Your Goal Requirement

It begins with being aware of what set of skills and knowledge do you already have and what set of skills and knowledge you need to develop to achieve the goal.

  • Self-Awareness

If you want to achieve your goals then being self-aware is a necessity. You need to know exactly what kind of person you are and what kind of person you will have to become to achieve that goal.

“Self-awareness precedes goal” – Boluwatife David

With that being said, let’s move on to the 2nd piece of the framework.

Step #2 Model

The fastest way to improve yourself is to find yourself a role model. Look for a person who is already doing what you aspire to do and has achieved what you aspire to achieve.

Find out what kind of mindset, beliefs, routines, and priorities they have, what kind of behavior they exhibit, and what kind of actions they take to constantly move forward. Imagine you want to become a successful professional footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo. What will you have to do in order to become like him?

You will have to look at his gym routine, diet, amount of time he puts into practice, mindset he has, and so on.

Now that you have understood why a model is necessary, It’s time to move to the final piece of the puzzle.


Step #3 Mirroring

Unless you mirror your role model, you will not be able to become the kind of person that they are and you will not be able to achieve the kind of success they achieved.Continuing with the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, you will have to exactly mirror the gym routine, diet, mindset, the amount of time he puts into practice his craft every single day to achieve similar results, and whatnot.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, every goal requires you to become a particular kind of person, and to transform yourself into that person and speed up the self-improvement journey, you need to follow this proven three-step framework.

The 3 pieces of the framework include Awareness, Model, and Mirroring. If you have made it this far into the article, we wish you the best of luck with the goals you aspire to achieve.

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